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Software I'm actively developing can be downloaded here. Old AmigaOS software has moved to the Amiga page. Files associated with a [SIG] can be checked for authenticity against my public key (releases before November 2005 are still signed with the old RSA key).

totd-patch A tiny patch for the IPv6 to IPv4 translator totd to make it work in front of a IPv4-only DNS so it serves IPv6 as well. I use it to v6-enable MaraDNS. final
Size: 882
Ashafix A Postfixadmin clone in Perl/Mojolicious. See or GitHub. alpha
Archive::Zip::Crypt Rather hacky though pure-Perl add-on to Archive::Zip to support encrypted Archives. This is a preliminary version until I find the time to package it properly for CPAN (or even port it to XS …)
Call $member->password('mypassword') on each archive member(!) you want decrypted.
Size: 3912
Net::CIDR::Lookup A Perl module that implements a lookup table indexed by CIDR-style net blocks. See CPAN for details and downloads! V0.3
HSC-Deb HSC 1.0b binaries for Debian/i386. You'll also need the package description, and to roll your own, the patch file against the original source. Thanks to bmg for compiling! V1.0b
Size: 420K
Mattows A tiny (~10 KB binary on Linux/x86) web server in some 600 lines of C, supports half a dozen file types and executes CGI programs. I wrote this to give some students a possibility to hack their own CGI scripts without installing a full Native American™. So far, only GET and HEAD methods are supported.
  • Lists directories now.
  • Added ‘tiny’ targets that avoid the use of printf.
Size: 5867
[Mattows SIG]
HSC The “HTML Sucks Completely” preprocessor, finally in its 1.0 version over 10 years after the initial release! These sources should compile on all systems previously supported (Unixoids, AROS, Win32 and perhaps RISCOS—tested: Linux/gcc, OSX/gcc, Win32/MinGW)
Note: V1.0b is functionally identical to V1.0 but has compilation problems on OSX and probably a few other Unices fixed and re-added support for Win32 systems, including Winsock support.
This archive includes the latest prefs and macro files. The documentation is alos available for online reading.
The most important changes:
  • Improved autoconf stuff (distinguishes between Unices and Windoze now, no AROS yet)
  • Fixed segfault upon macro redefinition introduced in V0.999
  • Fixed/changed MATCH and MATCHI operators to match RE anywhere instead of requiring a complete match.
  • Added the $MATCH tag for patternmatching beyond boolean testing (captures subpatterns now)
  • Slightly more descriptive error messages for /MBI and /NAW
  • Fixed menu layout in the documentation and related bugs in the macro collection
Also see the Freshmeat entry.
Size: 609K
HSC-W32 The HSC binaries for 32-bit M$ Windows systems. This version is functionally identical to V1.0 and 1.0a save for re-added Win32 support. For support files and macros, get the source archive. V1.0a
Size: 141K
HSC-Viet Vietnamese character entity definitions for HSC. Just decompress and include.
Note: this file is included with V1.0b of the HSC sources.
Size: 767
HSC-MacOS-X The HSC binaries for MacOS X. This version is functionally identical to V1.0 and 1.0b but has a compilation problem on OSX in hsclib/css.c fixed. For support files and macros, get the source archive. V1.0a
Size: 117K
gpg2muttrc With a fairly large keyring, the usual solutions for doing autoencryption in the Mutt email client make Mutt's startup quite slow. This Perl script can be run from a cron job and recreates a muttrc file full of the required send-hooks for every user on the system who uses both GnuPG and Mutt.
Be careful: as this must be run as root, it might be exploitable if any bugs related to corrupted/manipulated keyrings should be found in GnuPG. Double-check before running this on a system with untrusted users!
Size: 1412
[gpg2muttrc SIG]
Madman-rebase This little Perl script helps with transferring Madman music databases from one directory to another. Madman stores the path to a music file as a Base64-encoded string containing an absolute path, effectively preventing editing, so I use a proper XML parser and a Base64 module. This requires the XML::SAX, XML::SAX::Writer and MIME::Base64 modules. Speed is nothing to write home about—blame it on XML and hope you don't have to run this too often! V1.1
Size: 1090
[Madman-rebase SIG]
HSC-RPM The RPM archive for HSC, see above! V0.999
Size: 274K
CIFSniff This is a Perl script for finding publicly accessible CIFS shares (AKA SMB or "Windows shares") on a network. It requires nmap to scan a range of IP addresses for an open port 139, then uses utilities from the SAMBA suite such as nmblookup and smbclient to obtain information about them. Contents of world-readable shares may be listed.
This program started as an experiment on multiprocessing in Perl but seems quite usable by now. Due to the nature of portscanning and the less than optimal latencies in SMB, much time is spent waiting for some computer to respond, so it can make good use of parallel processing. Therefore, nmap as well as each candidate host are handled by a separate process to the effect of decent speed even over a DSL line.
Size: 3835
recoverpics This program tries to recover JFIF files (commonly known as "JPEGs") from an amorphous chunk of data, such as a partition with a file system beyond repair. It has been tested on NTFS and EXT2/EXT3 but should also work on FAT as used on digital camera flash memory. This is neither very advanced nor user-friendly but seems to do a pretty good job—comments and patches welcome!
Recent changes:
  • checks for write errors now
  • more consistent error reporting
  • added a primitive shellscript to check the resulting pictures for integrity
Size: 5151
[recoverpics SIG]
HSC-AmigaOS This is a binary-only distribution of HSC for AmigaOS. For updated preferences, macros and documentation, get the source archive. V0.934
Size: 135K
YAMABoCo The "YAM Address Book Converter" converts YAM address books to Mutt or vCard format. As Mutt's is unfortunately far more basic than YAM's, additional information such as addresses, PGP key IDs etc. may be preserved as comments. Requires the modules Getopt::Misc and MIME::QuotedPrint (the latter only for vCard writing) which are avaialble from CPAN if they are not included with your Perl distribution already.
V1.4 adds the vCard output format and fixes a few minor bugs.
Size: 3445

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