Hội An

Beach Biking Carpentry Afternoon
Two days of relaxing at this beach... After the school uniforms have come off, some afternoon biking. There are lots of carpentry shops around Hội An, and these guys have some serious skills. Street scene with shadow :)
More afternoon Lamps More lamps Street
Some more late afternoon Shop full of lamps More lamps Tourist stuff for sale there.
“Go naked!” as my biker flatmate's t-shirt says, that's the motto for typical Hội An trucks.

Mỹ Sơn

Temples Big one Other side Doorway
The temple complex of Mỹ Sơn, built during the Cham dynasty between the 4th and 15th century. Many buildings are in surprisingly good shape considering they're baked-brick buildings in an aggressive tropical climate. There was some rebuilding done after excavation, but in almost all original parts. The completly excavated area is pretty small, with one building next to the other.
Fertility symbols myson/Statues.jpg Artifacts
Every tourist guide will tell you the Linga-Yoni the main temple was dedicated to represented “the capability of invention”. Yeah right, invention. Thank linga-yoni for no acid rain here! Some artifacts recovered from the grounds, mostly sandstone or clay, are exhibited inside. The one near the pillar is a little newer and US made. The area ist still blotched with craters and about half of the original buildings were destroyed in the war.

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