Vịnh Hạ Long

Island with temple Figurehead Hollow
Apart from forming a breathtaking scenery, the almost 2,000 limestone islands of Ha Long Bay provide good locations to put up buddhist temples and cellphone towers. Outside the harbor of Cát Bà, the largest island in the archipelago. A tourist boat's figurehead. What else but a dragon could it be? The hollowed-out bit leaves enough room to pass right under this island in a small boat.
Outside Haiphong Rock on tiptoes Rocks Floating village
On the coast somewhere outside Haiphong Wait here for just a few hundred years to see a giant splash! This rocks! A floating village inhabited by fisherfolk
Heavenly Palace 1 Colored lights Roof Roof detail
Many of the islands have grottos. Động Thiên Cung (Heavenly Palace Cave) is not the largest but probably the most beautiful. I admit the colored lights are a bit on the kitsch side… It looks more extreme here than it actually is. The washed-out roof of the cave A closeup of the roof
Pillar Dripstones Bay from top Sepia
Probably the most popular motive in this cave :) More rocks and dripstones… The bay as seen from the exit of Động Thiên Cung, near the top of one of the islands. Evening on the sea in sepia
Sunset Duck!
The obligatory tourist motive. No need to duck and cover, it's just the sun.

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