No trespassing No texting Widowliquor Elbow
WTF is a notre and why are they passing over private property? (Dumaguete, Negros Oriental) Not so funny, just the fact that it is necessary… (Talisay, Negros Occidental) Also, please avoid mixing while driving! You might spill some. (Talisay) A friendly reminder from your Talisay City administration. I guess the second ‘o’ didn't fit any more.
Hands on the wheel! Drive slow! Costumers only Steak Huas
Talisay City, Capital of Hilarious Traffic Signs™ Same place, slightly less poetic. The ‘Jim’ costume comes with a beard. (Diniwid beach, Boracay) The German spelling of ‘house’ is quite fashionable here—unfortunately, this is not it. (Kalibo, Aklan)
Biodegradable Fallen objects <dq>Community Billboard</dq> screenshot
“We're not sure about the spelling, so let's just try some variants. And of course we'll put plastic trash in both of the bins anyway…” (Madridejos, Bantayan) Like fallen angels? (Silay, Negros AOccidental) Can you guess the operating system this broadcast system runs on (for sufficiently small values of “run”)? (Sky Cable, Bacolod, Negros Occidental)

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