Carnaval 2003

Breakdown Masks Caboclo Sequins
Carnival's on already, and we are 50 km from Recife, fixing a flat tire... Masks and hats for sale in Recife Antigo A caboclo figure from the Maracatu Rural, the terribly heavy costume covered with thousands of sequins A closeup of the costume
Couple Big bad guy Small caboclo Some youth
Maracatu meets hippie This big bad guy likes to scare children with a crack of his whip. From very young... young...
Old man Dressing up Yellow&Blue Beer! old. Trying on some funny homemade hats in the Guiamum Treloso quarter's pre-carnival procession Still doesn't make us quite that colorful... You have to drink a lot when you're carrying up to 30 kg of costume around!
Resting Dancer Resting
This guy probably had the traditional cachaça/gunpowder mixture... ...which keeps you going... ...but only for so long.

Chapada Diamantina 2005

Lapa Doce Medusa View from Pai Inaio Pai Inaio
Some formations in the Gruta de Lapa Doce. The red color is caused by iron oxides and the camera's ‘daylight’ setting. For obvious reasons, this is called the ‘medusa’. The view from the Morro do Pai Inaçio is, uh...quite OK! The rock seen from below.
Poo Azul Desceding into Poo Encantado Poo Encantado Cachoeira da Fumaa
Poço Azul or ‘Blue Well’ is a cave you can swim in. With daylight filtering in from the top and some 30m of crystal clear water under you it is a very psychedelic place! Speaking of psychedelic: a few kilometers away there is the Poço Encantado or ‘Enchanted Well’. Descending into it is not that spectacular, but... ...the water itself sure is! The ray of light can only be seen from April to September. This waterfall, Cachoeira da Fumaça, is Brazil's highest, with about 380m of free fall. At this height, most of the water doesn't even hit the pool but disappears as a fine mist (hence the name).
Cachoeira da Fumaa 2 Lying down at the Cachoeira da
Same same, but different view. To see the falls, you'd better lie down on this stone. Note the fashionable raincoat (not required)! :-)

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