Miscellaneous projects

This page lists archives that don't fit into the other software categories.

SARAD Now that there's been plenty of time for people to patch their SARA installations, here's the Stupidity Aware Remote Attack Device that can be used to remotely test your installations for vulnerability. Remember: for informational and testing purposes only—don't pWn servers you don't own! Or, as some Japanese would put it: ‘Not to be used for the other use.’ 1
Size: 1381
VIM-TeX-Listings A syntax highlighting extension for VIM and listings.sty. Listings with TeX metacharacters in them don't screw up the highlighting any more as the lstlisting environment is equivalent to verbatim now. The \code regions depend on a macro I use for simplifying \lstinline:
Size: 417
SARA-Fix A security patch for Oxford University's SARA server used for reserach on the BNC. It fixes several critical buffer overflows and adds the possibility to run the server in a chroot jail.
This fourth version of the patch fixes the CTABOPTIONS command that hadn't been recognized due to, as usual, a too small buffer in the original code.
Size: 13K
ZippoC4D A black Zippo lighter constructed in Cinema4D/Amiga. N/A
(Around 1996)
Size: 279K

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