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This is a collection of articles on advanced usage of the HSC HTML preprocessor, written as a tutorial. If you haven't heard of it: HSC, an acronym for "HTML Sucks Completely", is an HTML preprocessor written by Thomas Aglassinger in the late 20th century. It was originally written for AmigaOS but has since been ported to many other systems including almost any Unixoid (Linux, NetBSD, HP/UX, NeXTStep etc.) and RiscOS. Its original documentation is still available, but you can also access an updated version with my latest changes locally. The latest source archive and binaries (usually for Linux/x86 and AmigaOS) are available on my software page.

This is an ongoing project, so new sections will turn up sporadically as I find the time to write them. All articles assume that you are somewhat familiar with HSC, i.e. have read and understood the documentation. However, I will point you to specific sections when I feel it's necessary for some of the more obscure features.

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