The Project File


The project-file, hsc stores some information about the document it just processed. This includes

This enables hsc to check references to local IDs in other documents of your project. Additionally, you can now use hscdepp to maintain the dependencies between hsc-source and HTML object, and update a Makefile according to them.

Another tool called hscpitt allows you to examine, add and remove documents from the project-file.

Naming The Project-File

It doesn't matter which name you give the project-file, but I suggest to call it hsc.project; this is the default name both hscpitt and hscdepp assume, and you do not have to specify another command line option when invoking them.

But it's very important to use the same name for the project-file every time you invoke hsc. Otherwise, hsc and hscdepp won't be able to find all required information and will launch warnings or create incomplete dependencies.

Using The Project-File

To create an empty project-file, you have to hscpitt with the command NEW. To make hsc maintain it, you have to specify the commandline option PRJFILE when invoking it.

If you want to utilize the information stored in the project-file outside hsc, you can use hscpitt with the command extract and for instance parse it with a short program written in some scripting language. See hscpaltrow for an example.