hscPitt's ALternative ThROW-out

Hscpaltrow is a sample ARexx-Script which explains how to utilize the output of hscpitt so that you can retrieve all information stored in the project file.

Hscpaltrow is placed in the public domain. Use at your own risk.

Hscpaltrow is dedicated to Gwynneth Paltrow.


There is only a single required option which denotes the project file to examine. If you pass no arguments, a short usage information will be displayed.


This script starts hscpitt with COMMAND=EXTRAXT, stores the output in a temporary file, and parses it so you can access all data from the script. For future compatibility, unknown data are ignored.

Basically, you just have to invoke
    hscpaltrow hsc.project
This script is not designed to do anything useful with the data obtained, it just displays them.

Feel free to modify it, but don't forget to rename it after that, or it will be overwritten when updating your hsc-directory with a new release.

You can find this script in grafflwerk/hscpaltrow.rexx.