hsc DEPendency Procreator

Hscdepp extracts dependencies from hsc's project-file and stores them in a Makefile. But not all parts of the Makefile are overwritten: the relevant dependencies for hscdepp are marked with taglines, so the next time only this part is manipulated and the rest is left untouched.

Hscdepp is part of the hsc-distribution and therefor the same legal issues apply.

Hscdepp is dedicated to Johnny Depp.


Display short help message and exit.
Display a short version of Copyright and exit.
Specifies makefile to be manipulated. If none given, hscdepp searches for GNUmakefile, makefile or Makefile. If it doesn't succeed in any of these, a new one named Makefile will be created.
Specifies project-file to be scanned for dependencies. If none given, hsc.project is used.
All document rules are collected together in a rule by default called ``all_hsc''. This is used to update all documents using a simpe make all_hsc, or, even more useful, to be part of your all rule, which usually depends on all other things that are maintained by the Makefile. This option changes the name of this rule.
Verbose output
Do not create backup of original Makefile.
Do not write taglines that identify beginning/ending of dependencies. This should only be used if you keep the dependencies in a separate file.


hscdepp HELP
Displays help and exits.
hscdepp FILE=hsc_makefile PRJFILE=my_hsc_project VERBOSE
Reads the file hsc_makefile, reads project-information from file my_hsc_project, creates a backup of the original makefile in hsc_makefile.bak and writes the updated makefile to hsc_makefile.usr/bin/vim
Does the same as above, but uses makefile and hsc.project as default.