My future is static
It's already had it
(Sonic Youth, "Schizophrenia")


"Except for bufixes, there will not be any further updates for hsc."...

...said Agi in 1998. Despite his hopes, I have taken up this project and developed it a little further. Just out of necessity, because I needed some of the features for developing a site of my own. There are still bugs that I'm not likely to ever fix, but what the heck - maybe it's still useful for somebody. Don't expect great news from me either. I'll still leave Agi's original—'xcuse!—rant in here...


Ok, that was a bit rude, so now less brutal: I've abandoned this project, but basically I'm still around and read your email. So minor bugfixes will still happen, although more complicated problems will simply end up on the known bugs list. Possible minor fixes relate especially to the quite a lot of Amiga-specific features introduced in version 0.917.

For the religious part: I still use my crappy Amiga 2000, I still don't own a PC and I still have a Macintosh rotting in the attic. This is not going to change in near future. Especially because none of the ultra-alternative systems like pOS ever left alpha stage or stalled like the BeBox, which meanwhile degenerated to BeOS, mostly used as toy by Windiots who want to pretend they are different. If somebody would create a reasonable computer, I would buy it. Currently it doesn't look like this is going to happen in near future, therefore: Amiga forever. (Shit! How I hate this outdated piece of crap, but still it is the least useless I know.)

As hsc comes with full source code, somebody else might take over the project. However, I hope this is not going to happen. It's probably more efficient to start such a project from the scratch, trying to learn from the mistakes that were made in hsc. You better leave the source as it is, because the plain ANSI-C portability is one of its main features - at least in my opinion.

Currently I don't think about starting to code a new hsc.

Anyway, as also HTML and browser development has stalled, hsc should remain useful for quite some time to come.