Amiga Stuff

Further development of these Amiga programs I wrote is highly unlikely as I have sold my A4000. Quite a few come with sources though, so you can change them if you need to. For current software that might run on AmigaOS as well (as does HSC), check the software page.

Malagamiga A relatively ancient version of the natural language processing system MALAGA which I backported to AmigaOS in 1998. Just in case somebody wants to experiment with Left Associative Grammars… 4.2.0
Size: 258K
[Malagamiga SIG]
EasyMensa This program allows to decode and alter some of the data on a "U-Key" ecash device as it was used in several universities in Germany. It was written in 1995, and as the U-Key system can be considered obsolete it is presented here for documentation purposes only. Full source included. Requires AmigaOS 2.04+, MUI 2.3+ and i2c.library. 1.3
Size: 11K
MRQ MRQ is my latest system patch project, meant to replace the outdated ARQ. It replaces the standard system requesters with a MUI version that can include various graphics or animations. Unlike ARQ it is highly configurable and localized.
For Details, read the AmiNet readme file.
NEW: From V2.1 on, MRQ is OpenSource!
V2.2 fixes a small bug with non-CLI processes (turned up with Genesis) and a distribution bug concerning Guigfx.mcc
Requires: Recommended:
Size: 152K
Guigfx.mcc A custom class for MUI to display images. This is the former NewImage.mcc renamed, so it doesn't suggest Image.mui compatibility that it doesn't offer.
  • Shows images from 4 different sources
    • Image file
    • guigfx.library image object
    • Intuition image
    • Standard Amiga bitmap
  • Supports depths from 1 to 24 bit
  • Supports dithering and (optionally aspect-correct) scaling
The archive includes guigfx.library and render.library by TEK neoscientists / Timm S. Müller.
Read the Aminet readme file
Size: 172K
MRQ-ReqAttackAnims For MRQ V2.0b and up: some animations from Miikka Lehto's marvellous ReqAttackAnims package, converted to IFF/ILBM format for TransferAnim.mcc. Matching configfile included. 1.0
Size: 760K
CNet-German A complete text set in German for CNet/3 BBS. Translated in June 1993 for my "Sweet Dreams BBS", now mainly of historical value :-) 2
Size: 72K
getdate A tiny CLI tool to print the date/time in "big-endian" format. For scripts etc. where you just want a date tag to attach to filenames or something. Source included. See the readme file. Final ;-)
Size: 1466
MultifunctionLib multifunction.library was developed together with my former flatmate as a private collection of general-purpose utility routines to facilitate everyday programming tasks. After an almost complete rewrite in mid-98 I released it. Except for bugfixes, expect no further development, rather some routines are likely to be integrated in Oliver "Bloodrock" Lange's OpenUtil.library soon. Here's the AmiNet readme file. 38.1 multifunction.lha
Size: 29K
CleanSubboards This is a utility for CNet BBS. It removes deleted subboards from CNet's "subboards3"-file, which can save quite some memory if you have lots of dead entries in there.
For Details, read the AmiNet readme file.
0.5b CleanSubboards.lha
Size: 4079
ResTracker ResTracker is an attempt at AmigaOS resource tracking. There are various programs of the sort, but AFAIK mine is the only one that doesn't have any hardcoded restrictions but is fully configurable.
For Details, read the AmiNet readme file.
0.5b restracker.lha
Size: 30K
RShellProtector I wrote RSP when I first did some network stuff on my Amiga and at the same time on Unix/X11. If you start an X11-program from a telnet session and don't set $DISPLAY, it just complains about that and exits. The Amiga's remote-shell hangs until someone quits the program locally. No longer with RSP! No windows or screens may be opened by users logged in from remote with this patch installed.
The AmiNet readme is actually from V37.5.
37.6 RSP37_6.lha
Size: 7737
UUCPstat UUCPstat is a very simple program to analyse timelog-files like written by DillonUUCP (and probably other UUCP programs, too) and print some statistics about them. This was used as a BBS door to let users view the latest transfer stats.
Source in C included.
1.1 uucpstat11.lha
Size: 13K
rfsmtp My late UUCP feed delivered batchSMTP mail packed with "freeze". As Dillon UUCP's rcsmtp command was hardcoded to pipe compressed mail through "compress", I wrote this replacement that just uses "freeze".
Included is an even more primitive utility to strip PeeCee-style CR characters which my rsmtp program barfed on.
1.0 rfsmtp.lha
Size: 6021
IBhlconv This is a quick hack I wrote to convert IBrowse's hostlist to a set of hierarchically linked HTML files which I could put on my homepage (the hotlist had gotten too large to stay there in one piece :-)). Tested with the IBV2 hotlist format only - and no guarantees as to the DTD-conformity of the output either 8-) 0.4 hotlistconv.lha
Size: 12K

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